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Inside our virtual reality 


 Is a user friendly composition module to fusion the layers of virtual reality with your real set. Composure blends up to 7 layers that includes your background, your cameras feeds and augmented reality elements.


Composure enables you to create TRACKED and TRACKELLS compositions. You can also use an external composition device like Blackmagic ULTIMATE thanks to it’s internal KEY and FILL functions and independent video outputs per layer.


True colors

Manage color profiles to have a more realistic Virtual production. TRUE COLORS allows us to match the colors of the video feed with the virtual elements avoiding the common “washed” look of the Video feed. TRUE COLORS utilize Opencolor IO library to simplify the color scheme selection based on camera brand and model.


Reality Expander

Enhance and expand your traditional TV SET mixing it with Virtual reality. This function will make your real set expand infinite with just the addition of a green screen.



is a virtual Jib that will enable you to create amazing camera movements in you live production set. FLIGHTCAM is not limited to height or movement inside the set, flightcam wil move freely to create amazing camera shots without the need of tracking system.​ 

Qimera chroma

The state of the art Chroma key from Qimera enables you to create a high quality composition without the need of external keyers. With QIMERA CHROMA you have crop and rotation options as well as real shadow improvements and virtual shadows.

  • Real Shadows

Bring realism to your scene with highlighted shadows of the subject in the scene, eliminating the “floating sensation” that a companion most of legacy Virtual set systems.

  • Virtual Shadows

Create virtual shadows of the subject in the surrounding area when using out trackless virtual

ra shots without the need of tracking system.​ 


Weather it 

Is a real time weather system that enables you to make inmersive weather reports with rain, snow, tornados, huricanes and more. weather it can be connected with weather services via json or xml.

Inside game

Is a digital sports 3D  tactic board for sports commentators. inside game will bring team formations, players spotlights, play tracing and play analysis, control the game from a tablet or smart phone with amazing augmented reality assets 


Billboard control

With BILLBOARD you can improve the look of trackless video production with functions like ALWAYS FACING THE CAMARA that eliminates the 2D effect of the subject on the billboard.


Makes your engineering staff live easier! Calibration is a compile of tools to calibrate lenses, chroma key Matte and tracker settings. Calibration allows to:

  •  set the offset between the center of the lens of the camera and the tracker.

  •  determine several camera positions within a scene for multiple cameras shots saving time and optimizing your virtual set.

  • Define the space of your cyclorama to create the Matte to be used in your virtual set.


And much more!

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