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Democratizing the use of Virtual Production in television

QIMERA is a real-time virtual production compositing tool that allows you to create the most advanced virtual sets and augmented reality graphics on the market. Qimera was develop and designed with today's dynamic television production workflow in mind with an easy and intuitive user interface.


Unreal Engine

Qimera works natively on Unreal Engine’s platform and unleashes all of its virtual production features, through an intuitive and easy to use UI designed for the day to day TV Broadcast.


The Qimera Library makes 3D assets available for news, sports and entertainment. Each of these elements can be modified in real time, shortening production time and the need for a graphic designer to create the elements.

The Qimera library is updated monthly thus expanding the layout of graphic material.


The switcher allows you to connect up to 4 cameras to the server and switch the cameras. In addition to this, we can create Macros or buttons to generate actions that accompany the scene such as transitions, graphics or augmented reality elements.


Qimera Chroma

The state-of-the-art Chroma key from Qimera enables you to create a high-quality composition without the need of external keyers. With QIMERA CHROMA virtual and real shadows are just exceptional.

The solution to level up
your broadcast experience


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